Mooncup 2.jpgHaving a vagina has never been easy.

The average woman will use 11,000 tampons in her lifetime. Eleven thousand. The cost of a period over one lifetime for one woman is estimated at £18,000. Yep you guessed it, 11,000 tampons isn’t great for the environment. Sanitary products are not easy to break down and, for obvious reasons can’t be recycled. After some research, something I was pretty shocked at is how harmful tampons can be for women. Something I was pretty ignorant on. These little bullets of convenience can contain Dioxin derived from bleach which can lead to endometriosis. They can contain cotton pesticides which can cause infertility and chemicals in their fragrances which can lead to hormone imbalance. Which, when you think about it is pretty scary right?

What’s the alternative? Well, after some skepticism I have tried and tested the Mooncup, a medical silicone based menstrual cup and I have written a full and honest review, just read on my sustainable savers….

Okay so I will be honest, when I first took the Mooncup out of its little pouch, I was doubtful. How the hell was this rubber funnel thing going to fit inside me and better yet, how was I going to get it out? Well before you do anything with your Mooncup, read the instructions and have a little practice. It’s actually so simple. You have to fold the cup and slot it in- you soon get the hang of it. Once it’s inserted, the silicone creates a vacuum so that there are no spillages. There is also a little stem which you need to trim to get your best fit and it is good to check your size. There are two sizes one if you have given birth and are over 30  one if you haven’t so don’t worry you don’t need to get the tape measure out.

I took this little baby travelling and it soon became my best friend. I love that you don’t have to worry about packing enough sanitary products, and I didn’t have to try to learn Khmer for tampons or ask neighboring women in my hostel if they had any spare to see me through the night. You just use the one Mooncup throughout your cycle and give it a wash/wipe each time you empty it. I think it really depends on how heavy your periods are, but I tended to check on it every 4-6 hours, probably a little more on my heavier days. You don’t have to thoroughly wash it, just empty the contents into the toilet and either give it a rinse or a wipe with toilet roll and then pop it back in. I steralise mine in-between cycles in boiling hot water. Some people put theirs in the dishwasher but I am not sure how much my housemates would appreciate that.

I would say the only cons of the Mooncup is that you can’t be squeamish. Yes you are going to see your menstrual blood, yes in a small rubber cup. You also need to give it a wipe/wash so I much preferred taking mine out in toilets that had a sink in them but this isn’t vital. I would also just have a bit of toilet paper or panty liner in your knickers just in case of any spillages.

The Mooncup is really comfortable. I can’t feel it at all once it’s in. Since using the Mooncup I’ve saved money, space and time. It doesn’t leave any fibres behind and it’s free from perfumes, BPA, phthalates, plastic, bleaches or toxins as well as being latex-free and hypoallurgenic. For me personally, I really cannot recommend the Mooncup enough.

Make a bloody good choice and switch to the Mooncup!








So it happened. After a particularly boozy birthday spent in a Vietnamese restaurant, the topic of festivals emerged. Two of my friends revealed that they were planning to go to the last ever Secret Garden Party and my ears pricked up. Ten minutes and eight Summer Roles later and everyone at the dinner table had decided that we would most definitely be going to the festival together. It was the only reasonable thing to do. The wine had blurred out all the complications such as holiday allowance, expenses and travel and I was certainly not going to be the prick that burst the big Pho-filled balloon by admitting I probably did not have the cash to pay for a ticket. It was only the next morning, feeling groggy and opening my phone in a state of almost somnambulism to a confirmation email that I realised we had all decided then and there to book this thing, and I frantically travelled back to my mum’s in Kent to gather all the camping gear and fancy dress I could find.
 Here are the things that were my essentials for the festival (besides camping gear), I tried to be as sustainable as possible (before you ask yes I did take face wipes but they were Burt’s Bees ones and I didn’t be having a shower for four days so my water usage was definitely be reduced).
1. Toilet roll and hand sanitizer – because let’s face it the porter loos are pretty grim and no one needs to run out of loo roll.
2. A towel – I used my micro-fibre towel and I used it every morning to wash my face with, it’s also pretty helpful if you have any wine spillages in your tent.
3. Thick socks – these will be your best friend during cold nights/ to stop your wellies chafing.
4. Reusable water bottle – most festivals have drinking water points so don’t forget one of these! Also if you want to be REALLY sustainable, bring your own takeout boxes or ask for paper ones.
5. Wellies and flip flops – pretty much all the footwear you need for a British festival.
6. A waterproof – I have used the same one for years and they keep you pretty warm as well.
7. Sunglasses – your savoir on bright early mornings.
8. Earplugs– try to get the best quality you can, I owe all my good nights sleep to a pair I found on the internet that are designed for builders.
9. Face wipes– I don’t usually use these but no matter how sustainable you are, washing your face with freezing cold water at 3am in a muddy field can be somewhat unappealing.
10. Biodegradable bin-bags – you can use these to sit on, collect all your rubbish, and protect yourself in if you have forgotten your raincoat.
11. A backpack/ shoulder bag- do NOT leave your valuables in your tent unattended, even if you just need the toilet. Make sure you keep them on you at all times.
It rained every day at Secret Garden Party! We still had so much fun. Have you been before? Have you got any festivals lined up this year?

IMG_6579.JPGI have been using Burt‘s Bees since I first discovered it pacing the aisles of Boots quite few years ago. At that point they didn’t have a huge amount of products but I loved the natural smell of their products, particularly their hand balm which I have a huge tin of.

 Since working in the beauty industry I cannot quite believe the use and waste of plastics. Companies don’t seem to have a second thought for the amount of waste they produce, and the sheer size of their carbon footprint. The cheaper, the better is a philosophy that is all too common in the beauty industry. There are exceptions out there, and it is becoming more and more apparent that as the consumer has been demanding more sustainable packaging and sources, the beauty industry has started to have a look at alternative ideas and more resourceful solutions.
Burt‘s Bees has been rocking my world since I first tried their products, and they are seriously dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint, something that is pretty refreshing in the beauty world. They have a zero waste dedication which involves their employees sifting through rubbish to make sure nothing is wasted. Their packaging also uses a minimum of 30% PCR (post-consumer recycled content) and is often able to be recycled again. They are members of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition as well as being certified as Carbon Neutral and return millions of gallons of water to watersheds. Pretty impressive eh? They also gather a lot of their ingredients in sustainable ways, supporting smaller communities and they are pretty transparent on everything they do and admit themselves that there is still a lot to do and have some amiable goals for the future.
They are a pretty great example of a big company that does care about their impact on the environment. A company that listens to its consumers and is trying to make a business without causing a detrimental effect on the environment. I am a big fan of their hand cream and lip balms! Check them out!
On a side note, Burt’s Bees has not paid me in any way to post this. I doubt they know who I am, I just genuinely love the product.

FullSizeRender (4)

Badger decided to jump into this shot last minute and I couldn’t resist.

Sometimes I am my very best self. I wake up early, I make smoothies, I get all my work done with a skip in my step and  I even manage to do a bit of exercise (albeit a run around the block before I pass out onto a hedge). I call my mum, I cook dinner from scratch and I am  generally in a “let’s get shit done!” kind of mood.

There are some days though where all I feel like doing is curling up under a duvet with three seasons of  Bob’s Burgers. I don’t feel like talking to anyone and all I want to do is turn off my phone and eat enormous bowls of cheesy pasta in the comforts of my own bed. This is not a hugely regular occurrence but it does happen, and sometimes there is absolutely no reason why. I have struggled with this for years. It’s an antagonising feeling, I enjoy being proactive, I am an ardent worker and generally a pretty active person. Being lazy is not my thing and I usually hate wasting a day or not leaving the house.

In recent years though I have realised that sometimes you’ve just got to listen to your body. It’s okay to just want to curl up with your dog and not answer the phone to anyone for a day. Some of the best minds in history have a regular needed a day off. Virginia Wolf used pretty much have a nervous breakdown every time she submitted a piece of work to her publishers. And you know what? It might not always be a duvet day that helps you recharge your battery. It might be switching off all social media, it might be swimming naked in the sea, wearing pyjamas solidly for the next three days or cleaning the house (not my idea of a day off but one of my good friends swears by it for when she has had a stressful day). I recently read an article in The Pool in which the author would swing an axe at an old tree whenever she was needing to destress. What I am trying to say is do what you need to do make yourself feel better. To make yourself feel a little more you again. Sometimes you need a day under the duvet with a box set of Friends and that is okay.

Let’s be unapologetically a little kinder to ourselves.



I had read a lot of glowing reviews about this brand and after seeing the very low price tag and spotting a small selection of the skincare range in my local Fenwick I picked up the Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2% for around £6. The formula is vegan, cruelty-free and comes in a glass bottle and as you guys know about me already I try  to avoid plastic as much as possible.  have now been using this for three weeks every other night. My mum who is 64 has also been using it because she can’t resist a shiny new bottle sitting on our bathroom shelf so I will include her input too.


The whole idea of this product is to exfoliate the skin. This product is not recommended for sensitive or peeling skin and the brand warns that your natural SPF may decrease when using this product. I have normal to combination skin that tends to be on the oily side. My mum’s skin is normal to oily.  I applied this in the evening before moisturising (as directed) and found that it certainly made my face feel softer. When I first applied it it my face felt a little sticky and I have to admit that I am not a fan of the chemically smell of this product, but the sticky feeling went away once I had put a moisturiser on top. My mum really enjoyed the product and definitely found that her face felt softer and had more of a glow about it. It has a “dropper” style applicator which looks fancy but isn’t super practical as you end up applying it one handed BUT I am so happy they use glass bottles, you don’t often see this on cheaper products in the beauty industry.

Would I repurchase? I am not sure if I would repurchase this specific product as I have to admit I love to do a good old fashioned exfoliate with some oatmeal or a homemade sugar scrub, but I would definitely get one of their other products and I have my eye on their Rose Hip Seed Oil!

Have you tried their range? Which products? What did you think of the range?