I did try to take a few photos on me in my gym gear, but it was not a good look!


You can learn almost anything on YouTube and workouts are no exception. I absolutely love a good workout video, you can complete them at any time, wearing anything at all and all you need is a room with a bit of space. I have included a list of my top three YouTube workout providers that I stay loyal to. I find their workouts achievable, the people relatable and I have seen some fantastic results. There are thousands of videos out there, but here are my favourites:

Yoga with Adriene (known as YWA for the inner circle yogis)

I first discovered Adrienne when I was working as an au pair in Switzerland. I was lonely and consuming my body weight in cheese each day. Yoga was very expensive in Zurich, particularly for a penniless au pair. I hadn’t practised yoga before and started with one of her 30 day challenges. She taught me that yoga is just as much about the mind as it is the body. She is very down to earth, kind and encouraging. Her body looks like a real persons body. YWA is fantastic for beginners and you can choose your practise for anything from back ache to loneliness. She always encourages organic movement within the practice and there is always time for a good Shavasana (relaxation) at the end. Four years on, and I still turn to her channel every week.

Fitness Blender

This channel was started by a couple who were both personal trainers and wanted to make fitness affordable to everyone. I love that you can pick your own workout length and choose the areas that you would like to focus on ( eg arms/legs). They taught me the importance of strength training for both women and men and the importance of combining this with your cardio. You get water breaks (hurrah) and video tells you roughly how many calories you have burned. They are so down to earth and even admit when they are finding workouts difficult, which is very reassuring for rookies like me.


I found this channel by accident when I was looking for a good Pilates workout. Her energy and enthusiasm is relentless and her core strength phenomenal. As you have probably guessed, I am not  fan of long, arduous workouts so short bursts of things are right up my street. I really, really recommend the 2016 Abs workout as a quick but brutal abs video. I try to do this workout at least once a week (it’s only 20 mins) and it makes my tummy feel incredible!

What are your favourite workout videos? I would love to hear more about some other home videos that have worked for you!

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I looked back in the mirror in horror. Pure, wide-eyed horror. My blonde hair had been transformed into a dark pink , patchy mess.

For years I had been attempting pastel pink hair. I had built Pinterest boards around it. I had created a whole new persona for the look I was going to have. The kind of girl who skateboards in her spare time. The kind of girl who knows all the words to every Kendrick Lamar song and is the centre of attention at parties (you can usually find me alone by the snacks at parties and my karaoke classic is Bonnie Tyler Total Eclipse of the Heart).

I had visited numerous hairdressers and watched their faces drop when I described the transformation I wanted. I live in Canterbury not Camden and so the hairdressers who are probably used to the less adventurous clients might have been worried I would have hated the look after three days.  I think they were also probably a little bit nervous in case it went a funny colour. Well, if they weren’t going to dye my hair pink, it was time to take matters into my own hands.

The next time I was in Superdrug, I picked up a bottle of Colour Freedom Pazazz Pink hair colour which was  labelled “temporary”. I nonchalantly loaded the pink gloop onto my hair and left it on for an extra hour for good measure. Three  washes later and it still looked more Clementine Kruczynski than Shirley Maclaine. The hair colour was much more red than I had anticipated, I had applied it so badly that it was also patchy. I had patchy red/pink hair. There was no going back now. I was a vibrant beetroot blonde. One side was a lot darker than the other, and the under layer of my hair was still blonde. It was a mess.

Something I hadn’t quite anticipated was the attention. For the first few days I had a lot of raised eyebrows and a lot of double-takes. I became a favourite for anyone selling ANYTHING in the street and found myself pretending I didn’t speak English just to escape spieling random Spanish words such as “Bocadillo! Jamon y camiseta!”

I wanted to share with you some of my personal tips for if you are ever in a situation such as mine or just some tips for bright coloured hair:

  1. It probably looks 3000 times better than you think– for the first few days it will take a bit of getting used to, but be confident!
  2. Wear black or white- I found that wearing plain, monochrome colours made me look less like a 90s raver/ Easter egg and more, dare I say it, cool.
  3. Ponytail/ Headscarf I used a variety of hair accessories to try to tone down the vibrancy of my her in my new job, but the ones that worked best was a ponytail.
  4. Use a silver shampoo – I found this helped to neutralise the dye and bring out a bit of the colour.
  5. Think carefully about your makeup- Make sure your lipstick doesn’t clash and really less is more on the colourful makeup whilst you have bright hair.
  6. Embrace it. You have pink hair. Do you know how cool that it? Sure it may not be the exact shade you had hoped for but people will envy your confidence. You will be surprised how many people actually love the colour and think you look great!

On a final note, shout out to the woman on the bus who approached me and told me my hair looked amazing and she wished she could have pink hair but her hair was too dark. You have no idea how much you made my day!



I have always loved the idea of makeup. I’ve grown up watching old films and subsequently adored the classic old “Hollywood glamour” . I would watch in admiration stars such as Tippi Hedren, Grace Kelly (my mother was a Hitchcock fanatic) and Eleanor Parker who played the Baroness in The Sound of Music grace the screens with their long lashes and deep red lips.

My mum has always been a fervent tomboy and feminist and has had a real reluctance to any kind of beauty products outside of face creams. I don’t think I have ever seen her wear makeup or shave her armpits and she proudly will show anyone her lack of leg hair which she believes is a consequence of never shaving (I daren’t point out to her that she is fair haired). Consequently,  I was certainly never taught by my mum how to wear lipstick and everything I do wear is all self taught. Of course these days you can google a YouTube video on how to apply almost anything for any look you want, but for me growing up I generally relied on friends or cool older women to really show me how to apply makeup.

Over the years I have tried dozens of products, some which have worked and some which have not. In school I would always carry round a pot of Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse (remember that?) which quite literally made my whole face this matte tan colour and  my foundation looked about an inch thick. Match that with a wonky fringe and some clumpy eyelashes and you pretty much summed up my 15 year old self.  Well I thought I looked great.  I have had smudgy mascaras, eyelash curlers that chop of your eyelashes and bronzer suited which was much more of an “oranger”. Here is my bag of makeup essentials, products tried and tested by yours truly.

The Lipstick- Bobbi Brown Harlow Red £21.50 Lipstick is something I like to invest in, otherwise it doesn’t last or goes flaky. I have very dry lips and most lipsticks so the art stick from Bobbi Brown gets my vote. It hydrates, has a great colour and it lasts for ages! Also, as I am still not 100% sure I am applying my lipstick correctly (I don’t use a lip pencil and just kind of shove it on and hope no one notices) I found the application of it pretty easy. For a budget version, I would go for the NYX Velvet Matte in Blood Love (pictured above) which is £7.00 but isn’t quite as long-lasting but for me a little more drying.

The Lip balm- I normally have about 3 lip balms on me due to my overly dry lips but Burt’s Bees with Pomegranate gets my vote. It is 100% natural and smells delicious.

L’Occitane Almond Oil – I have used the L’Occitane almond range for years and I love it. This stuff is amazing! I got it as part of a Loccitane Christmas and it has been a permanent fixture in my makeup bag ever since. I have oily- combination skin and I use this as a moisturiser/primer and I love it. You only need a little bit and it is such a handy size.

Laura Geller Bronze & Brighten Bronzer– I use this little baby on both my eyelids and my face. Mineral oil free and paraben free, with skin loving antioxidants centella asiatica and white tea extracts. It is pretty pricey (around £20 for 9g) but it has lasted me ages, and I love it as a little eyeshadow/bronzer combo.

The Body Shop Concealer all-in-one  It’s always a good idea to carry a concealer with you as I always get a party spot just before a big day. Adding two upside down triangles underneath your eyes on top of your foundation and blending really helps to brighten up your whole face. This cruelty-free concealer contains vitamin E and community trade marula oil, and I find it really easy to blend with good coverage.

Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Beguile-  If you haven’t heard of this company before, they are definitely worth checking out. They have extremely strong values and principles (as part of their ongoing campaign for diversity they urged any supporters of Trump not to shop on their websites, they have always been 100% cruelty free) and even better makeup. A little bit of this pigment goes a long way so I add a little to my brow bone and the corners of my eyes, particularly for those oh my God I need a drink let’s go to the pub after work days hen you want to transition from a computer slug into an illuminated party goddess.

Lorac Eyeliner-  Another great product for the day to night transition.

Concept Eyes Super Slim Eyeliner –I am always on the search for a good pen eyeliner. The nib is super thin and  is smudge-proof which is great as I need all the help I can get for the winged eyeliner look.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Stick in Taupe – Eyeshadow haters rejoice! If you are anything like me and have a fear of eyeshadow because there is apparently a special technique which every other woman in the world seems to know and no one told you, then relax. I got this as a free sample with my Bobbi Brown order and I will definitely be repurchasing. You just roll this onto your eye and go. It lasts for AGES.

I thought I carried around a lot less makeup, so I may try to downsize even more, particularly as whilst writing this my makeup bag had an explosion and everything has been covered in primer. Which are your beauty essentials? Also can you recommend a good (small-ish) makeup bag?



If there is one thing I love it is coffee.

If there is one thing  I hate it is a shit tonne of plastics ending up on landfill when they can be avoided.

As the child of a single parent, I have always been brought up to make everything last. I was encouraged to  eat as much of the fruit or vegetable as possible , cut that bit of mould off the cheese and eat the tangy fruit. (I am not saying we need to go that far, my mother would sometimes be in full denial and would try to convince me that a yoghurt that  had a fluffy coating was just condensation).

Since entering the “real” world I can’t help but notice how prevalent food and packaging waste is, despite the most of us  being very aware of all of the statistics. I won’t get all Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall on you, but according to Environmental Innovation (April 2000), each paper cup manufactured is responsible for 0.24 lbs of CO2 emissions. That’s a hell of a lot.

Most people I work with will only drink bottled water ( FYI PEOPLE TAP WATER IS ABSOLUTELY FINE, I HAVE BEEN DRINKING TAP WATER FOR OVER TWENTY-FOUR YEARS AND I AM ONE OF THE HEALTHIEST PEOPLE I KNOW.  STOP BEING A DIVA AND RUINING OUR PLANET!) and the  mindless disposal continues  despite numerous warnings, information and education. I can currently see four empty plastic water bottles lying on one desk in my office that I am hoping will make it into the recycling bin that  I had organised, but I’m doubtful. Each of these water bottles will  take up to 400 years to be broken down!

Whilst recycling is great, if you really think about it, all of the energy has already been used to create this cup already so it is a lot better to actually have a reusable option.

Enter Keep Cup!

This leading brand of reusable cups is the world’s first barista standard reusable cup. There are lots of reusable cups out there but  I can’t recommend their product enough. They have waged a war on disposable cups and work hard to try to reduce the amount that end up on landfill. It all started with a solution for restaurant packaging and now they are taking over the world, and making it a better place one reusable cup at a time. Whilst the  difficult to measure they have calculated that they have removed 1,449,104 disposable cups from circulation. Which is pretty darned impressive. The cups are really reasonable and some coffee shops will even give you a discount if you bring your own mug.

If you are feeling really benevolent you get yourself a reusable water bottle. I tend to use glass ones as I try to avoid plastics and I save so much money with this! I have a Full Circle DayTripper water bottle which I found in the Urban Outfitters sale but there are all sorts of different ones, some even have a compartment to put cucumber should you so wish for your water to have an essence of greenery. Just try, as hard as possible and be aware of where your water bottle/food/coffee cup is going to end up and the process that has happened to make that product.

Go Green, Save Money and Save the Planet!tea_rose_12oz


Kale and Pineapple smoothie

I am actually pretty disciplined when it comes to making smoothies. I tend to make one at least every other morning before I go to work, and  I really notice the benefits. I feel much more energized and gives you a great start for the rest of the day. Plus 2 of your 5 a day are included! You can make this the night before if you feel like you don’t have much time, just give it a good shake before consuming. Smoothies are one of those things that are SO much cheaper to make yourself. If you buy  a good smoothie anywhere in London, you’ll probably end up spending around a fiver a pop. One ingredient I really recommend investing in are Chia seeds. These are fantastic for acting as an antioxidant, they’re a great source of fibre and Omega 3 AND they don’t taste of anything! You can add them to smoothies and porridge and you only need a teaspoon or so to make a difference. A 250g bag will probably cost you around £4, you may be able to find them cheaper on the internet- but I always add these to my juices/smoothies and they help to really fill me up as well as being a great source of nutrients.

Here is my pineapple and kale smoothie:

You will need:

1 teaspoon of Chia seeds

½ small pineapple, cut into chunks

¼ pint of water or coconut water – more if desired

1 x handful of kale – more if desired.

Blend this all up together until you get a smooth green drink and enjoy straight away. You can save any leftovers in the fridge for around 24 hours in an airtight container.