About Me

Welcome to The Rookie Woman, sharing all things sustainable! I am a twenty something slow fashion addict with a love for recycling, reusing and combating food waste.


I am a huge supporter of ethical brands and try to always shop smart, investing in things that last, repairing things that don’t and overall trying to reduce my carbon footprint.

We live in a world full of plastics and waste. One of the most important agents of change is the consumer, the driver of trends and clothing orders. I think so many people are discouraged by the fact that ethical products can be expensive but being sustainable can be done cheaply! I wanted to write this blog to encourage others to get involved with conscious purchases, slow fashion and reusing and repairing things and hopefully convincing others to do the same. I have also just moved to Amsterdam, so I will update you with all the findings of my new adventure.

Here is my guide on how to survive the modern world as an eco warrior- I hope you enjoy!