Writing in a Time of Chaos


It has been a tumultuous few months, honestly it has not felt right or respectful to continue writing mundanely with the current social injustice that we are facing. I want to write first that I whole-heartedly stand with people of colour, as a white person, right now my voice is not the voice you should be listening to. I urge you to continue to listen to BIPOC, read more books by and about people of colour, look further than the ones circulating Instagram. Listen to more podcasts by BIPOC
. Continue to vote with your wallet. Don’t buy from businesses that have refused to pay their workers (Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Kylie cosmetics). I will continue to recommend those I have found insightful. As a child of parents that would routinely march against the EDL in our area, the racism throughout the world is not something I have recently awoken to, but it is still horrifying that we have so much work to do.

I still believe that climate change is something that affects us all, but not equally. Here in Northern Europe we experience slightly warmer summers and ask what the problem is, whilst those in the global south are experiencing a montage of freak weather, shortage of fish, plastic filled oceans, homes that are being taken over and cleared for livestock, air and rivers that are so polluted that communities are dying. Climate change will affect us all, but it will disproportionately affect those in the global south. This is also known as Environmental Racism.  Climate change is deeply intertwined with racial inequality. Our actions will have an impact on someone somewhere in the world. The garment we buy from the fast fashion retailer is continuing to unjustly compromise the life of the underpaid garment worker in Bangladesh. The metals used in our 8thsmartphone we simply must have because the camera is slightly better, will have most probably have been mined in dangerous conditions in an industry that has been linked with child labour. This impact can be positive though. We can choose to support B-Corp businesses. We can choose to waste less food, to eat less meat and animal products. After a reflection on this,  I will continue to write my humble blog about the little changes that we can all make that have an impact, about finding treasure in others trash and consuming a bit less. Of course, I will drop in the odd mid-week muse and will forever try to make you laugh. It is nice to have an audience to write for. I hope you stay.


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