My New Year’s Intentions

Well that was a particularly long Christmas break from the Rookie.


I signed off for Christmas late December and have been a bit quiet online. I have been working on a side a  project and spent a bit more time off the grid than I had imagined. If I am totally honest the longer I stay offline the harder I find to get back into it, and then the self-doubt and anxiety builds up. I am going to try much harder this year to keep up a good routine of blogging.

How does the Christmas break go by so quickly?  I was pleasantly surprised that my family and I all bought each other  mostly secondhand or homemade presents sustainably wrapped in secondhand cloth and recyclable paper/ newspaper. One of my present’s was another piece of the Le Creuset set my mum found secondhand at an auction rooms. It was a lot of fun lugging that back on the Eurostar. I truly think she is trying to give me some kind of permanent arm damage as revenge for constantly showing off my biceps at home.

New Year’s was lovely, a group of us rented a little place in Rye for a couple of nights very close to the beach.

I am terrible at New Year’s resolutions, let’s call them intensions.  Here are  a few things I would like to work on over the next year.

  1. Learn Dutch. I am already picking up a bit, but I would like to get a proper move on with my Dutch and converse with the locals now that I live in Amsterdam.
  2. Vegeanuary . Yep the Rookie household is going to be eating a lot less animal products this January year and I will share any favourite recipes along the way.
  3. Read more. Turn off the Netflix and pick up more books.
  4. Saying Yes to plans and meaning it. Or saying no and meaning it. I just need to give a definitive answer and not be the world’s worst flake.
  5. Being a bit more present. I am the worst at this. I am usually listening to a podcast with one ear whilst following a recipe and  cooking and completing an overdue email in the meantime. It is not productive nor sensible. This year I definitely intend to be much more  “in the moment”.



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