My alternative Christmas gift guide

28344976_UnknownThis year seems to be the year that we all have realised that we have enough stuff. Everyone on my Christmas present list, when asked what they would like, has suggested an “experience” gift or something really bloomin’ practical.

We have bathroom cupboards bursting at the seams with hand creams from our aunts, joke presents that are not really that funny ( I still have some racing willies somewhere in a drawer) and the numerous reports on the amount of our stuff heading to landfill is horrifying us all into sizing down on our presents, refusing to panic-buy and rethink our “filler” options. Hallelujah!

However, a quick search on Instagram for #giftguide and I am presented with thousands of pages of gifts, little trinkets to spend my hard-earned cash on this Christmas. If you’re  in need of some inspiration I have a few Christmas gift ideas that might help you this Noël:

  1. An experience; dinner, workshop, a massage or beauty treatment. Something you hardly ever treat yourself to, but is such a treat when you do have it.
  2. Candles. Candles make everything so cosy, and you don’t need to always splash out on the Diptyque or Jo Malone variety. TKMax always have a load of fancy-looking candles that are pretty reasonable, or you could even make your own..
  3.  Plants. This is something I usually get the people who have everything.
  4. Books; even secondhand books (if the person you are buying for is also an eco-warrior). Everyone loves a good cookery book.
  5. Grow-your-own herb kit or a herb garden. Kind of feeds into the above.
  6. Homemade hamper. Homemade chutney, jam, pickled items – get creative!

Psst! Don’t forget to wrap it in reusable wrapping paper/ cloth!






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