The apps/ websites that will help reduce your carbon footprint


Shoes found on ebay

Okay, spending too much time on your phone is not really great for the planet, but some of these apps have really helped me to rethink and reduce my consumption.


ebay: An oldie but a goodie.  These guys are still the best and were pioneering for online reselling way before it was cool

Vinted – I have raved a lot about this app as ebay is not really prevalent in the Netherlands. It allows you to buy sell and swap clothes. I am currently on the peruse for some very nice boots and have my eyes on a couple of pairs

Nuuly: Fashion rental that is €80 a month for 6 items? YES PLEASE. This is probably my favourite of the rental platforms and can help to feed the “new” addiction, also great for wedding season

United Wardrobe: 

A great re-selling clothes platform, lots of nice finds on there.

Good On You:

Good On You simplified sustainability goals and calls out  which clothing brands are really not making enough effort in this field in a really simple way. They also speak very clearly which materials are detrimental for the environment and which you should favour. They also offer sustainable alternatives to the damaging highstreet brands.

Other sites/ apps worth knowing about that I don’t use; DePop, Frankie Collective.




Finally something Facebook is useful for! Facebook Marketplace is the only reason I still have my Facebook account. Okay that and the thousands of old pictures I occasionally have a scroll through, plus who doesn’t love a daily update from your auntie on what they had for dinner?

Here are the groups for buying secondhand stuff  in the Amsterdam area:

Fashion for Sale Amsterdam, Amsterdam Yard Sale, Amsterdam deelt/geeft (all free stuff) and I always check Marketplace if I need something before buying it new.


Rug and sofa both secondhand finds


Too Good to Go:

Pretty much the best idea anyone has ever had for an app. This app allows you to buy food from restaurants that they would otherwise throw out at a fraction of the price. My favourite places are Le Pain Quotidien and Marqt (Netherlands only).


A similar concept to the above but more for consumer to consumer. Say I make a giant cake and cannot finish it or I am going on holiday for 2 weeks with some food leftover in my fridge, just put it on Olio and let someone else make use of it.

Love Food Hate Waste:
This app will give you ideas on what to do with leftovers and how to reduce waste, and taught me how much is an average spaghetti serving per person (nobody likes cold spaghetti).



Okay we all need to use a taxi or car occasionally. ViaVan allows you to share your lift with others, and it makes it really cheap. A bit like UberPool but they pay their drivers a lot better apparently.

BlaBla Car:

I used to use this and it cost me 5 pounds to get all the way from East London to Canterbury. It meant we all saved money as well as emissions. If you are taking a long journey by car , consider posting it on here and sharing your journey!


Is worth checking out, this app makes picking up litter into a game, and identifies which companies are the worst culprits for their packaging.

Any apps or websites you think are worth a shout out in helping to share/ swap/resell? Let me know!


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