Swedish Stockings Review

I dread to think how many pairs of tights I’ve been through, my Granny ostensibly even stuffed her pouffe with all her pairs of old tights (yes I have a strange family). After I left home and stopped getting my usual stocking supply of M&S tights (Christmas was an exciting time), I used to buy my tights cheap, real cheap. Those tights that are less expensive than a cup of coffee for a pack of 3 and snag as soon as you look at them? Yep that was me. Euugh!


I tried two pairs of the Swedish Stockings the Hanna Premium Seamless Tights in Black and the Olivia Premium Tights in Black (slightly thicker) and I am VERY impressed. I went for a size Medium, and they fit well, though next time I will go for a Large as the tights don’t sag at all (my dear old Mum used to call me Nora Batty when I came home from school). I prefer the Olivia simply due to the thickness of the tights, and they are pretty warm so I think they will be perfect for the upcoming colder days.


Firstly the durability. I ride a bike to and from work and they haven’t even snagged yet, I’ve been wearing them for a couple of weeks now.¬† The Swedish Stockings just feel¬†nice and well made. They also have a nice waistband that stays up, and did I mention they don’t sag?




These tights are made from recycled nylon. For anyone who is not familiar with the nylon scenario, it is derived from crude oil and the chemical and water intensive process to make nylon is releases nitrous oxide. Basically it’s one of the worst culprits out there and is used a lot throughout the fashion industry, particularly hosiery.

Swedish Stockings created the worlds first fully recycled pair of tights, including the elastane. You can send them 3 pairs of your old tights for a discount on their products. Their production is powered by renewable energy including solar power, the water they use for the dyeing process is purified after use and their factories are zero waste. They even give you a little instruction manual on how to make your stockings last longer.

These are a little more of an investment piece, (around 22- 29 euros a pair), but I do think these tights will last you a lot longer than most pairs of other tights out there. I will keep you posted!




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