Preparing for my plastic-free week





How easy is it to cut out single-use plastic. Could I last a whole month? Probably not. A whole week? Maybe. I intend to find out and I have challenged myself with a week void of all singe-use plastics from 23rd until 30th May.

To prepare I have filled almost every bag I own with produce bags and a couple of Tupperware’s. I have also been carrying around the Bambaw bamboo straws and carry my own cutlery with me everywhere (I just use ordinary cutlery in their own little bag). I have excluded plastic lids from the equation because I found this was just not possible, a lot of my glass jars have plastic lids. I have also excluded plastic lids on cosmetics.



  • Toothpaste from Georganics
  • Reusable razor from Bambaw 
  • Toothbrush; bamboo from The Humble Co. 
  • Moisturiser; I purchased the Susanne Kaufmann body oils when I was out shopping with Anna and have been using them as face moisturisers and have never looked back
  • Reusable cotton pads
  • Shampoo; I have been using the Seanik shampoo bar from Lush and LOVING IT. It does contain sulphates, just to warn you
  • Soap bars; if I am feeling a bit fancy I treat myself to a L’Occitane bar. Otherwise I just use whatever is cheapest in Ekoplaza
  • Face soap; swapped my much love La Roche Posay for a face soap from Lush called Movis
  • Homemade deodorant. I have been using the Mamalin homemade deodorant recipe and so far I am very impressed. It is a bit crumbly but I think I should have added a bit more coconut oil


  • Laundry. I have recently purchased the Ecoegg and I am very happy with it so far (third wash in)
  • Cleaner; I make my own all-purpose cleaner and have started adding more lavender oil in to take away the vinegary smell
  • Toilet cleaner; For the challenge, I am using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. But does anything beat a good old bottle of bleach?
  • DIY kitchen towel made from an old t-shirt
  • Loo roll from The Good Roll 
  • Bin Bags; Ecodis La Drougerie made from 80% vegetable materials
  • Washing-up liquid- refillable from Ecover via Ecologish 




  • Veggies – all from markets/ unpackaged from supermarkets, meaning green leaf is most definitely a market item
  • Pulses; only using tins or jars
  • Pastas, rice etc bulk bought from Ekoplaza with my own container
  • Check out all your local market-style shops. Bringing my own containers, especially bread bags this is something I always get caught out on

I will keep updating this list throughout the week with any new discoveries. Let me know if you have any tips!



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