A more conscious bathroom cabinet


My bathroom cabinet is one of the things I am slowly (and stubbornly) trying to minimise.

I’m a sucker for a good skincare product. I think beauty products make us all (including my heterosexual boyfriend) feel a little more shiny. It is these small luxuries that lift can us in our moments of despondency, that can make a terrible day slightly better. A pump of Drunk Elephant face cream can make all the difference when confronting a day requiring you to rise before the sun, a squirt of Neom bath oil can really take the edge off a night-shift, a May Lindstroom face pack can calm post-party social anxieties and be our arsenal for the coming week.

I will never eradicate these precious minutes of self-love. These are my treats to myself, and as someone who does not live a particularly indulgent life, as someone who continuously strives to reduce their environmental impact, I feel justified that a couple of my pieces of my skincare routine come in plastic packaging. It is important for me to keep them, they is a little bit of what makes me happy.

I have, however, found myself swapping a few things out and hardly noticing they have gone. They have saved me time and money and have made my bathroom cabinet a little less cluttered. Here are the swaps I have found useful:

  1. Swapping my disposable razors for a reusable one. My reusable razor is definitely sharper than the disposable razors, so if you get one yourself take care when you first use it. Forget the environmental impact, I have saved so much money/time with my reusable razor (no last-minute nipping out to the shops to de-fuzz before the party).
  2.  Reusable cotton pads. I have said it before and I will say it again, if you haven’t already got these then what are you waiting for? I have four, which last me throughout the week until washing day (but I don’t wear makeup everyday) and then I just bung them in the washing machine. Look for organic cotton, particularly if they are going on your face or hemp. Most importantly, ditch the face wipes, it’s 2019 people.
  3. Bamboo toothbrushes. 8 million tonnes of plastic are ending up in our oceans, and plastic toothbrushes take around 100 years to decompose, compared with 6 months for a bamboo toothbrush. Need I say more?
  4. The menstrual cup. Seriously. Ladies. I have written about this before but the menstrual cup just makes sense. I haven’t bought a pack of tampons in a couple of years (kerching!) and my period just seems to be more manageable and seems to be over more quickly.
  5.  Swapping my shower gel to soap. It’s cheaper, it’s (mostly) package-free and bars of soaps contain way less harmful chemicals than most shower gels. I am still to find a good shampoo bar (I will try the Lush bars next) but I will not give up.
  6. The cotton bud. Using the cotton buds to clean our ears is apparently actually the opposite of what we should be doing, as the wax is technically the cleaner and cotton buds can really damage your ears. We have swapped ours to wooden cotton buds ( I know these are not perfect) but there is a new Danish initiative called LastSwab which is a reusable cotton bud (I would be more inclined to use this for makeup than my ears).
  7. Have a makeup-free day. I’ve started wearing less and less makeup to work with a couple of days make-up free. It gives my skin a chance to breathe and has saved me money and packaging as I use less makeup. I have to say this attitude is helped by the lack of makeup worn by Dutch women, and the more natural approach my the Dutch community. Of course, if this is not something you personally feel comfortable with, I get it.



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