My New Year Challenge

ACS_0020.jpgMy name is Flora and I am a hoarder. I will admit it. I am seduced by beautiful packaging, carefully styled items and I feel a pang of excitement as I put something new away in my wardrobe for the first time. When I am in one of my favourite clothing stores I turn into a sartorial adulteress, frivolously trying on new things whilst the wardrobe that has loyally served me well over the years, waits faithfully at home for another day out instead of having to share what little space there is the wardrobe with “the next new thing”.

I have decided to be a more conscientious wife  clothes owner and spend more time in the pieces I do have. Over the past year, I have really tried to curb this thirst and buy less and less brand spanking new things. Seven moves in three years has helped me to downsize a LOT, but seeing as it is January and the new year is upon us I thought I would set myself a challenge.

I am going to try to limit myself to buying one new thing a month. A few friends at work have given themselves a target of not buying anything new for 100 days, however, I thought I would set myself a more realistic and long-term target of minimizing my wardrobe and buying a maximum of one new piece of clothing per month. 12 new pieces a year. I take my hat off to those who have not bought anything new for a year or more but I want to make the goal a bit more achievable for myself.  Vintage clothes are exempt and I will also try to make my purchases worthwhile and investment pieces. It is going to take a lot of will power. I will share everything with you and keep you posted on my progress so keep a look out and wish me luck!


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