My winter wardrobe staples

IMG_7019The sun is rising earlier, the denim jackets are coming out and the Dutch natives are giving their boats a Spring clean.

Warmer weather is nigh.

After a particularly cold winter (Amsterdam hit -8 and the canals froze) we are finally into positive figures on the thermostat and at last it feels like winter is subsiding and making way for Spring. I am VERY excited to put my jumpers and coats away and bring out my summer pieces. I have pretty much  had every inch of skin other than my face masked away against several layers for months  and it goes without saying that I will be renewing my yoga class membership after my body has become far too comfortable being concealed and the extra-large portions going unnoticed beneath the additional padding. I have noticed that throughout the winters, I have had a few pieces that have really lasted and become part of my winter capsule wardrobe.

The big daddy jumper: I have two jumpers that are so thick and warm that it feels like it was made for bald sheep in arctic conditions. I only wash them once at the end of winter. One is originally from the menswear section in Toast (when they still had it) and the second is a Barbour jumper that used to belong to my stepdad, and was his pride and joy until my mum shrunk on a hot wash and it was handed down to me. They still don’t mention it to each other.

Thermals: During a particularly cold season at university, I bought myself a thermal top from American Apparel. Thermals are THE BEST, it’s pretty amazing that one thin layer can keep you so warm but if you haven’t already, I really recommend investing in some. Thermal socks work especially well as sneaky means of keeping warm without looking too over-layered. I have now had mine for over six years and still crack them out every winter.

Warm winter boots: After failing to find a good waterproof pair of boots in my size in the second-hand shops, I bought some Aigle boots and have worn them almost every day of winter. They are a short rain boot, but with a warm lining and are handmade in France from natural rubber. They have been great during the rainy seasons and perfect in the snow that just continues to fall this year.

Wool trousers: They’re a bit out-there, but I have some wool plaid trousers and they are SO warm. I usually put them with a pair of loafers (which I take with me and change once I am in the warmth of the office) and they have really been a winter saviour especially on the bike.

The giant cosy cardigan: We’ve all got one, the massively oversized and very forgiving cardigan that is great to balance out high waisted trousers or goes great as an additional layer with a dress, try to get the best quality of wool you can afford and look after it well and it will last you for years!

What are your favourite winter pieces, the ones that you just keep digging out year after year?





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