Where To Go Vintage Shopping in Amsterdam

I have now been living in Amsterdam for almost three months and I think I have scoped out a good proportion of vintage shops. Just incase any of you are in the area, I thought I would devise a list of my favourite places to pick up some secondhand to help you quench your sartorial thirst…


1. Kilo Shop, Eerste van der Helststraat 11C, 1073 AA. I stumbled on this place recently whilst for hunting for some good coffee (FYI Scandinavian Embassy round the corner does a pretty banging espresso). It is the first “weigh your own” shop vintage I have come across in Amsterdam, and I think it is definitely worth a visit. Strangely, prices can vary- the lowest price is €25 for a kilo and and the kilo price goes up from there. Each item has a coloured tag on attached that indicates which price category it belongs to so it is not quite so cheap as other shops I have come across, but they have some pretty great pieces.

IMG_4584 (2)

2. Marbles Vintage Haarlemmerdijk 64, 1013 JE Amsterdam. This is a small shop with a good collection of secondhand garments in good condition. Prices are reasonable and Haarlemmedrijk is a a beautiful little street. Pop into Little Collins or Bakers and Roasters for brunch if you’re in the area!

3. Bis! Sint Antoniesbreestraat 25-A, 1011 HB. A super cute little shop situated in the Old Town of Amsterdam. This area is very close to  The Rembrandt Museum, The Jewish History Museum and another Kilo Shop that I have not visited so you can combine a  visit to this shop with a cultural afternoon.

4. Emporium of Wonders ,Tweede Helmersstraat 19-21, 1054 CB Amsterdam. A HUGE vintage emporium- 350 square metres to be precise. This place is adorned with all kind of vintage beauties from furniture to baubles. You can also get a coffee here and even take a yoga lesson.  There are frequent events happening so be sure to check out their Facebook page. If in the area take a trip to the wonderful FoodHallen for a beer (try Mannenliefde, it’s delicious AND local) and some pretty tasty Banh Mi.

5. Episode, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 37H/ Berenstraat 1, 1016 GG / Berenstraat 1, 1016 GG . I don’t think it would be fair to talk about vintage shopping in Amsterdam without mentioning Episode. There are three branches in Amsterdam and more dotted around Europe. Everything is very well organised, and whilst a little more on the commercial side,  it is hard to walk out of this shop empty handed. I think the prices are reasonable and the things I have bought have been of great quality.



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