The Mooncup- a bloody good choice!

Mooncup 2.jpgHaving a vagina has never been easy.

The average woman will use 11,000 tampons in her lifetime. Eleven thousand. The cost of a period over one lifetime for one woman is estimated at £18,000. Yep you guessed it, 11,000 tampons isn’t great for the environment. Sanitary products are not easy to break down and, for obvious reasons can’t be recycled. After some research, something I was pretty shocked at is how harmful tampons can be for women. Something I was pretty ignorant on. These little bullets of convenience can contain Dioxin derived from bleach which can lead to endometriosis. They can contain cotton pesticides which can cause infertility and chemicals in their fragrances which can lead to hormone imbalance. Which, when you think about it is pretty scary right?

What’s the alternative? Well, after some skepticism I have tried and tested the Mooncup, a medical silicone based menstrual cup and I have written a full and honest review, just read on my sustainable savers….

Okay so I will be honest, when I first took the Mooncup out of its little pouch, I was doubtful. How the hell was this rubber funnel thing going to fit inside me and better yet, how was I going to get it out? Well before you do anything with your Mooncup, read the instructions and have a little practice. It’s actually so simple. You have to fold the cup and slot it in- you soon get the hang of it. Once it’s inserted, the silicone creates a vacuum so that there are no spillages. There is also a little stem which you need to trim to get your best fit and it is good to check your size. There are two sizes one if you have given birth and are over 30  one if you haven’t so don’t worry you don’t need to get the tape measure out.

I took this little baby travelling and it soon became my best friend. I love that you don’t have to worry about packing enough sanitary products, and I didn’t have to try to learn Khmer for tampons or ask neighboring women in my hostel if they had any spare to see me through the night. You just use the one Mooncup throughout your cycle and give it a wash/wipe each time you empty it. I think it really depends on how heavy your periods are, but I tended to check on it every 4-6 hours, probably a little more on my heavier days. You don’t have to thoroughly wash it, just empty the contents into the toilet and either give it a rinse or a wipe with toilet roll and then pop it back in. I steralise mine in-between cycles in boiling hot water. Some people put theirs in the dishwasher but I am not sure how much my housemates would appreciate that.

I would say the only cons of the Mooncup is that you can’t be squeamish. Yes you are going to see your menstrual blood, yes in a small rubber cup. You also need to give it a wipe/wash so I much preferred taking mine out in toilets that had a sink in them but this isn’t vital. I would also just have a bit of toilet paper or panty liner in your knickers just in case of any spillages.

The Mooncup is really comfortable. I can’t feel it at all once it’s in. Since using the Mooncup I’ve saved money, space and time. It doesn’t leave any fibres behind and it’s free from perfumes, BPA, phthalates, plastic, bleaches or toxins as well as being latex-free and hypoallurgenic. For me personally, I really cannot recommend the Mooncup enough.

Make a bloody good choice and switch to the Mooncup!








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