How to pack sustainably for a festival

So it happened. After a particularly boozy birthday spent in a Vietnamese restaurant, the topic of festivals emerged. Two of my friends revealed that they were planning to go to the last ever Secret Garden Party and my ears pricked up. Ten minutes and eight Summer Roles later and everyone at the dinner table had decided that we would most definitely be going to the festival together. It was the only reasonable thing to do. The wine had blurred out all the complications such as holiday allowance, expenses and travel and I was certainly not going to be the prick that burst the big Pho-filled balloon by admitting I probably did not have the cash to pay for a ticket. It was only the next morning, feeling groggy and opening my phone in a state of almost somnambulism to a confirmation email that I realised we had all decided then and there to book this thing, and I frantically travelled back to my mum’s in Kent to gather all the camping gear and fancy dress I could find.
¬†Here are the things that were my essentials for the festival (besides camping gear), I tried to be as sustainable as possible (before you ask yes I did take face wipes but they were Burt’s Bees ones and I didn’t be having a shower for four days so my water usage was definitely be reduced).
1. Toilet roll and hand sanitizer¬†– because let’s face it the porter loos are pretty grim and no one needs to run out of loo roll.
2. A towel – I used my micro-fibre towel and I used it every morning to wash my face with, it’s also pretty helpful if you have any wine spillages in your tent.
3. Thick socks – these will be your best friend during cold nights/ to stop your wellies chafing.
4. Reusable water bottle – most festivals have drinking water points so don’t forget one of these! Also if you want to be REALLY sustainable, bring your own takeout boxes or ask for paper ones.
5. Wellies and flip flops – pretty much all the footwear you need for a British festival.
6. A waterproof – I have used the same one for years and they keep you pretty warm as well.
7. Sunglasses – your savoir on bright early mornings.
8. Earplugs– try to get the best quality you can, I owe all my good nights sleep to a pair I found on the internet that are designed for builders.
9. Face wipes– I don’t usually use these but no matter how sustainable you are, washing your face with freezing cold water at 3am in a muddy field can be somewhat unappealing.
10. Biodegradable bin-bags – you can use these to sit on, collect all your rubbish, and protect yourself in if you have forgotten your raincoat.
11. A backpack/ shoulder bag- do NOT leave your valuables in your tent unattended, even if you just need the toilet. Make sure you keep them on you at all times.
It rained every day at Secret Garden Party! We still had so much fun. Have you been before? Have you got any festivals lined up this year?

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