A Weekend in Margate

Weekends abroad… they’re never as cheap or relaxing as you think.

Trying to find an Air bnb in a different country is tricky enough, let alone after a Ryanair flight when you’ve spent the whole journey with your knees by your ears and your wallet is fifty euros lighter after an air stewardess decided to take a vendetta on you and your hand-luggage which is a mere few cm’s over the limit.

A lot of people dismiss the UK beaches, but it is not only cheaper but also one of the most environmentally friendly ways to have a little break and explore a new part of the country you live in. No flights= half the emissions and you get to explore somewhere for longer as it usually won’t take you as long to get to these places.  I thought I would write about some of my favourite places for a weekend in the UK starting with the emerging hipster hangout, Margate.

I grew up very close to Margate, and I can tell you that ten years ago (oh god that makes me feel old) Margate was a very different place. There was not a huge amount to do for young people, that’s assuming you would even go out in Margate back then (not advised) and I remember spending most of my time in other neighboring towns.

Now with the help of the shiny new Tate gallery and a huge restoration project at Dreamland, the place is a booming little haven for anyone looking to get their toes in the sand but want to avoid the crowds of Brighton. And let’s be honest, the crowds in Brighton on a hot day are something else.

Here are my personal top places to visit when in Margate…

1. The beach- One of the most obvious ones, but it really is a giant, sandy dream of a beach. In the 18th Century the wealthy would come to bathe in saltwater to improve their health. I can’t promise the health benefits of the water in this Kentish town, but getting into chilly water is still used as an alternative treatment to depression due to the amount of endorphin’s that are released. Top Tip- Make sure you have an Oyster at the little seafood shack near the Tate!

2. The Tate– Even if you aren’t a big art fan it is still worth a visit. Margate has a very rich history in art (Tracey Emin and JMW Turner both lived here) and most exhibitions are free. Top tip- Make sure you go into the lift- it’s beautiful!

3. Dreamland! This place has had a complete makeover and is now full of food vans, music and incredible rides. Keep your eye out for upcoming gigs in this area!


4. Go shopping! A few of my favourite places are The Old Ken Market with the UK’s smallest pub and be sure to visit Peony Vintage and Ruskin  which are fantastic little vintage shops full of secondhand clothing!

5. Eat! If you’re a bit of a foodie like me there a quite a few emerging food havens there. Unfortunately, a lot of them are’nt cheap but hopefully this will settle down soon. If you are staying for the weekend I would recommend getting an Airbnb to save some cash on breaky or lunch but I very much enjoyed The Greedy Cow, The Grain Grocer  and Peter’s Fish Factory for fish &chips. We went to The Great British Pizza Company which personally I would’nt recommend as I found the pizza bases to thin and the pizza on the whole really was’nt very big or filling but that might be right up your street, plus I have an insatiable appetite.

If any of you make it there let me know, I would love to show you round! Where is your favourite UK getaway?

I hope you enjoy Margate as much as we did!



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