Bad Hair Day

I looked back in the mirror in horror. Pure, wide-eyed horror. My blonde hair had been transformed into a dark pink , patchy mess.

For years I had been attempting pastel pink hair. I had built Pinterest boards around it. I had created a whole new persona for the look I was going to have. The kind of girl who skateboards in her spare time. The kind of girl who knows all the words to every Kendrick Lamar song and is the centre of attention at parties (you can usually find me alone by the snacks at parties and my karaoke classic is Bonnie Tyler Total Eclipse of the Heart).

I had visited numerous hairdressers and watched their faces drop when I described the transformation I wanted. I live in Canterbury not Camden and so the hairdressers who are probably used to the less adventurous clients might have been worried I would have hated the look after three days.  I think they were also probably a little bit nervous in case it went a funny colour. Well, if they weren’t going to dye my hair pink, it was time to take matters into my own hands.

The next time I was in Superdrug, I picked up a bottle of Colour Freedom Pazazz Pink hair colour which was  labelled “temporary”. I nonchalantly loaded the pink gloop onto my hair and left it on for an extra hour for good measure. Three  washes later and it still looked more Clementine Kruczynski than Shirley Maclaine. The hair colour was much more red than I had anticipated, I had applied it so badly that it was also patchy. I had patchy red/pink hair. There was no going back now. I was a vibrant beetroot blonde. One side was a lot darker than the other, and the under layer of my hair was still blonde. It was a mess.

Something I hadn’t quite anticipated was the attention. For the first few days I had a lot of raised eyebrows and a lot of double-takes. I became a favourite for anyone selling ANYTHING in the street and found myself pretending I didn’t speak English just to escape spieling random Spanish words such as “Bocadillo! Jamon y camiseta!”

I wanted to share with you some of my personal tips for if you are ever in a situation such as mine or just some tips for bright coloured hair:

  1. It probably looks 3000 times better than you think– for the first few days it will take a bit of getting used to, but be confident!
  2. Wear black or white- I found that wearing plain, monochrome colours made me look less like a 90s raver/ Easter egg and more, dare I say it, cool.
  3. Ponytail/ Headscarf I used a variety of hair accessories to try to tone down the vibrancy of my her in my new job, but the ones that worked best was a ponytail.
  4. Use a silver shampoo – I found this helped to neutralise the dye and bring out a bit of the colour.
  5. Think carefully about your makeup- Make sure your lipstick doesn’t clash and really less is more on the colourful makeup whilst you have bright hair.
  6. Embrace it. You have pink hair. Do you know how cool that it? Sure it may not be the exact shade you had hoped for but people will envy your confidence. You will be surprised how many people actually love the colour and think you look great!

On a final note, shout out to the woman on the bus who approached me and told me my hair looked amazing and she wished she could have pink hair but her hair was too dark. You have no idea how much you made my day!


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