Morito, Exmouth Market

London is a haven for food from all corners of the Earth.

In fact, I find that outside of Oxford Street it is pretty hard to find a terrible restaurant in London. I find that the best eateries in London are always the unpretentious little finds tucked away far from the madding crowd that you hope no one else finds out about. The ones you almost don’t want to tell anyone about in the fear that the next time you come it might be a 2 hour wait for the next table.

Like Morito.

Morito, the little sister of Moro, is one of my favourite restaurants in London. Moro and Morito are based in Exmouth Market, which if you are ever around that area (about a 20 minute walk from Kings Cross) is definitely worth a visit.

The food is a fusion of North African and Spanish, which makes for a real treat indeed. If, like me, you have quite an intense and almost unhealthy love for aubergines ( I have a jumper with aubergines on it), make sure you try  the crispy aubergine, whipped feta & date molasses (pictured above). The aubergine, cut like thick chips, goes all gooey yet crispy on the outside and the feta and the salty taste of the feta with the sweet molasses makes you  want to marry the dish and take it home to meet your parents.

Anyway, it’s a great little restaurant as it’s also pretty reasonable for London. Each dish is on average around £6 or £7 and you could probably get away with four dishes between two people as the sizes are quite generous for tapas. The vegetarian food is just as good as the meaty treats if not better. The whole place has a relaxed, raw cantina feel and the staff are great. I especially enjoyed the Spanish style glasses they serve with your wine that look a little like tumblers and make the delicious Spanish wine go down all too easily.

You can book at lunchtimes but not in the evenings, but if you do need a table the lovely people of Morito  will take your number and call you once your table is ready (so you can have a swift one in one of the neighboring bars or pubs).

Buen provecho!





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